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How To Grow Taller
in 18 weeks!


It had to be:

  • Based on cutting-edge bio-technology
  • Beneficial for every age group- especially young adults
  • Multi-purpose, for maximum results in minimum time
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • For all ages, all races and both sexes

It seemed like a tall order, which is why we called on our leading scientists to develop the line. As a result of our research, we got everything we wanted·and more.

Advanced Physical Technologies® products contain a unique vitamin bouquet including A, B5, the antioxidants C and E, as well as a few amino acids which are believed to play an important role in promoting height increase. These essential nutrients and aminos are delivered to your body with our exclusive colloidal solution delivery system, giving you a more toned, youthful look as well as increased height from the inside out.

Studies Reveal...It Really Works!

We called on Dr. Peter T. Strousse, renowned orthopedic scientist, to conduct the testing on Advanced Physical Technologies® products. Results of the 4-month trial were extraordinary-height gain, increased metabolism, lean mass, and younger skin were improved. The studies show that GrowthMaximizerPro® helps restore the activator cells responsible for growth.

70% of subjects showed improvement in their posture and esteem.
70% showed improvement in skin texture, energy levels, and lean mass
100% showed an increase bone mass and stature

Over one million men and women will soon discover that
GrowthMaximizerPro® makes their bones taller, skin younger, and energy levels higher. Now you can, too!

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