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The results are in and this new 2-in-1 extreme height increase supplement combining rapid human growth level increases with powerful height increasers into one little botlle -- is elevating height and inches for virtually everyone lucky enough to try it.

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“I thought it would be impossible to ever get more inches after my 31st birthday. But since I started using Growth Maximizer Pro™, I’ve gained 2 inches and more importantly, more confidence. Now I can go back to looking tall and sexy again before my twenty year class reunion.” -- Betty P., Vermont

“All I can say is thanks a ton for developing such a great height increase product. You have made me a believer that I can change the way I look no matter where I started. So far it has been 1 and 1/2 inches in a little over 2 months. I finally feel I am in control of my life again.”
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“If you could have seen my husbands face after just 3 months on Growth Maximizer PRO, it was priceless. He has already picked me up a few new pieces of lingerie. Thanks for helping me get my husband off the couch and getting my love life back on track.”
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“My energy is awesome and I have already added two inches of permanent height on my body!” -- Greg L., Ohio

We have filing cabinets stuffed with testimonials like these, from around the country attesting to the human growth increase, energy mounting and body heightening power only Growth Maximizer Pro™ has. When will you experience the amazing height increase results only Growth Maximizer Pro™ can bring you?

Explosive Inch Adding Growth Maximizer Pro™ Formula Makes Height Pills, Punishing Exercise, Mm Counting & Gimmicks Obsolete!

Over a three-year period in a quest to develop the world’s most powerful height increase product, Advanced Research Labs worked with Orthotic Labs, Sunshine Labs and United Healthy Labs. The end result of this research and scientific collaboration is Growth Maximizer PRO

Here’s what sets this breakthrough in height increase -- head and shoulders above everything else. Growth Maximizer PRO is the first ever energy stimulator and turbo-charged human growth stimulator in one formula. Using an all-natural blend of herbs that work synergistically, you will see results quickly without the dangers of expensive hgh injections, or stomach upset pills. Even in 45 days.

And, due to the patented HGX™ formula found in Growth Maximizer Pro™, your body will continue to gain height, non-stop – without rebounding!

Imagine never having to buy supplements again, or sweat your brains out exercising. Never again feeling the disappointment your height increase program failed. Imagine never having to swallow a bunch of pills with each meal just to get what Growth Maximizer Pro™ can provide you in a single bottle!

Growth Maximizer Pro™ is without question the last thing you’ll need to add inches of height and keep it. Only Growth Maximizer Pro™ does it all – it increases height, and keeps other height inhibitors from attacking your body by stunting your growth. It also adds inches and lean mass quickly and keeps your metabolism’s furnace burning strong continuously and consistently.

Nothing else on the market can match what this one little super formula can do!

“I can’t thank you enough for finally giving me the solution to my height problems I have had since I was 18 years old … Growth Maximizer Pro™ is so easy to use anyone can do it. I love the fact that it does both increases energy and adds height in one botlle.” -- Suzie C., Texas

In short, here’s why you want to get your hands on a bottle of Growth Maximizer PRO™ right away:

  • Rapid height increase – see more inches in as little as 120 days! Now, you can add height in half the time!
  • Lose fat and gain lean muscle in 30 days!
  • Blocks height inhibitors-- Eat the foods you love and still grow taller!
  • Vaporizes height inhibitors before they can attach to your body.
  • Boost your human growth levels by up to 82%!
  • Neutralizes up to 21 inhibitors with three pump sprays of GMP™.
  • Controls gradual height increase
  • No Dangerous Chemicals or Ingredients
  • No height failure
  • Continuous, height increase results guaranteed!


Why Does Growth Maximizer PRO™ Add
Inches So Quickly & Easily?

The secret is in the proprietary laboratory tested, all-natural ingredients of HgX™. Which create an ever-increasing hgh acceleration. HgX™ is an herbal blend of 2 metabolic actuators –

Garcinia Cambogia Studies show this small, sweet purple fruit contains HCA, (Hydroxycitric Acid) which has been shown in various studies to suppress height inhibitors and prevent them from attaching your body.

Cascara Sagrada Is an herb that supports and strengthens the colon, liver, gallbladder and digestive system for optimum human growth performance.

When these two herbs are combined, the synergistic effect triggers your metabolism to speed up, elevating human growth levels, the longer you use it. This continual metabolic increase eliminates the usual boomerang effect most height increase products are guilty of.

And since HgX™ is coupled with the extreme thermogenic and height increasing properties of Growth Maximizer PRO™, your body will quickly become more taller.

You’ll notice the body heightening changes in the mirror beginning the first 30 days you try it and then watch it accelerate every week thereafter, giving you valuable height and making unwanted height inhibitors on your body disappear.

Listen, it doesn’t matter if you eat a moderate amount of caffeine, sugar, alcohol or smoke cigarettes . Growth Maximizer PRO™ will block the inhibitors in those foods or most any food for that matter guaranteeing you become taller, stronger and maintain a good-looking youthful shape.

And it doesn’t matter if you hate exercise, or can’t exercise because of a health condition or simply do not have the time. (Although we strongly urge everyone to follow some kind of exercise routine for overall height and well being.) Growth Maximizer PRO™ will make you grow taller and let lean muscle shine through.

And consider this … we all know the scary research now revealing how too many
body height inhibitors can contribute to short stature and height problems. Growth Maximizer PRO™ helps you avoid developing those dreaded height problems.

Growth Maximizer PRO is the easiest way available to gain height– fast!

You should know, that compared to other height increase products
Growth Maximizer PRO™ is also the easiest to use bar none. With that said …

I ask you, why spend hundreds of dollars on height increase supplements, spend hours exercising and swallow pills you hate? Why spend hundreds of dollars on a height increase course claiming to teach you some exotic eating habits and recipes that’ll make you gain height. And, why drag yourself to a gym every day when you don’t have too?

Why not instead let Growth Maximizer PRO™ do most of the work for you?

Simply take 3 easy pump sprays under your tongue of the
Growth Maximizer PRO™ liquid formula three times daily. That’s it. No muss, no fuss! Becoming a taller, leaner, and sexier you has never been easier! The testimonials are proof positive of this.

So how much height do you want to gain? 1inch? 2nches? 3inches?
Or maybe even 5 or 6inches? It doesn’t matter how much height you want to gain, Growth Maximizer PRO™ will do the trick 100% guaranteed!


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    “I have already started noticing a big difference in my height
    within just 45 days of using Growth Maximizer PRO. I feel great and seem to have a ton of energy as well. I cannot wait to see my progress at the end of my six month! Thanks a bunch.”
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  • “Being a personal fitness trainer I have made Growth Maximizer PRO a part of my daily routine and the results have been outstanding … even my wife mentioned something to me the other day about my body looking taller and looking great. Thanks for such a great product and keep up the good work.”
    -- George Z, South Carolina


    “I have to admit I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to height
    products but I have to say your product performs as advertised. Not only have I already added three inches, but my energy is solid all day long and I can still cheat a bit on height inhibiting foods. Thanks.”
    -- Drew A, Michigan

    Defeat Short Stature Forever -- Starting In 30 Days!

    Other height increase products make big claims, but they can’t beat the effortless rapid height gain results Growth Maximizer PRO™ gives you. Only Growth Maximizer PRO™ combines unstoppable energy increasing and HgX™ height boosting formulas into one little liquide bottle.

    You will be able to boost your hgh up to 82% and block up to 21 height inhibitors taking Growth Maximizer PRO™. Plus Growth Maximizer PRO™ destroys height inhibitors before they attach to the areas responsible for height.

    Plus … think about this, ONLY Growth Maximizer PRO™ is designed to keep your metabolism running fast, burning up calories and increasing your height on a long-term, continuous basis!

    Why pay $139.95 for an energy enhancer and then pay an additional $239.95 for a hgh increaser when you don’t have too? That would cost you $379.90 if you did that.

    Instead, wouldn’t you really rather save money and get double the results in half the time with Growth Maximizer PRO™? If you’re like most people, you said “Of course!”

    The fact of the matter is, Growth Maximizer PRO™ is an absolute bargain compared to buying bottles of height increase aids, gym memberships, expensive exercise equipment or the cost and hassle associated with going to a limb lengthening clinic.

    Just think, with Growth Maximizer PRO™ you won’t ever have to deal with pills, excessive exercise, pill counting, height increase plateaus or rebounding. What is that worth to you?

    liquid supplement

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